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Get your products and materials to Africa with expert shipment logistics. You don’t need to worry about adhering to demanding timelines, custom woes, as we’ll make sure your shipment get there in one piece while still keeping a reasonable budget.


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Shipping is not just about the ocean. Often, this means moving your goods inland and coordinating with multiple suppliers across Africa

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Do you want to send cargo to Africa? Whether your shipment is consolidated or just want a standalone container. Our Team can help!

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We specialize in a wide range of services including warehousing , inventory control, and distribution for businesses of all sizes across North America and Africa.

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If you want peace-of-mind when it comes to your shipments and avoid unexpected expenses down the line, contact us we offer competitive rates on cargo insurance.

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It is important to note that the completion of customs clearance procedures are critical, as heavy penalties may be applied if they are not done correctly.

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RoRo ships are vessels built for shipping wheeled cargo, more specifically – motor cars and motorcycles driven on to the ship almost like it was a parking garage.

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We are Specialist in:

  • Door to Door Services.
  • Transport to Port and From Port
  • Customs Clearance and Documentation for the Shipment.
  • Cargo/Marine Insurance for the Shipment.
  • Cost effective, Reliable and Secured services.
  • Timely deliverable service.

Shipping to Africa could be challenging due to its Government regulations and all the other issues in African countries, which require professional assistance for the shipping process. We Amka, LLC’s are one of the experienced freight forwarders to transport goods to all African countries from US. Whether the customer is shipping heavy equipments, vehicle shipping, commercial goods or household goods, our well experienced professionals will take care of the goods in each and every process of shipping. We have wide range of freight services in both Inland and Ocean freight. We are specialized in shipping goods to Africa from US and we can handle all our customer’s requirements & needs.

Our dedicated team will handle the shipment throughout the process of shipment; even they can organize packing of goods and paper work for the shipment. Whether you want us just as a simple courier service or with complex international cargo logistics services such as warehousing, distribution & fulfillment, customs clearance and consolidation we have got your back!  Contact us today at (US) +1(410) 936-4007 for more information on how we can help with your shipment needs!


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Frequently asked questions

What to consider when shipping internationally?

International shipping can be a complex process. There are many considerations to make when determining how best to get your load from point A to point B, and some of these decisions will depend on the product being shipped as well as its destination. The two main methods for delivering an international shipment are sea freight and Inland transport. Which method you choose is dependent upon what kind of goods you’re transporting (e.g., temperature sensitive) and where they need to go in order reach their final destination. If any of this sounds confusing or if you have questions about which form of transportation would work best for your business needs contact us today!

Why you should use Amka, LLC for your international shipping needs.

If you are looking for an international moving company that can take care of everything for your move, including shipping internationally. Amka LLC has years of experience with international shipping and have contacts which will make the process easier on you by making it cheaper. Contact us today to get started or give a call at (410) 831-1850

Typical Shipping Prices – how much does it cost?

Most shipping cost to Africa is between $2,300 to $4,700, though they do fluctuate periodically. Since there is a limited amount of coastline available in the area, shipping is easier at certain times of the year than others.

How can I track my shipment from USA to Africa?

Once your order is confirmed with the selected carrier, you will receive your tracking information via e-mail. You can easily track your shipment from USA to Africa using tracking information emailed to you. Alternatively, you can also locate your shipment on tracking page of the selected logistics provider. Your tracking information will become active shortly after your pallet is collected.

How to calculate my package delivery price?

The price of shipping from USA to Africa includes not only the transportation costs, but also from every other step of the shipping process such as handling and customs brokerage. Being that some of these costs are fluctuating throughout the year, such as the fuel price, it is hard for shipping companies to predict their own expenses. Therefore, the prices for shipping internationally from USA to Africa needs to cover all those variables to make it profitable for the transporter. At Amka, LLC, we offer some of the most competitive rates for shipping from USA to Africa. Our smart platform matches you with the best service for your shipping requirements, at the best price available. Instead of spending hours comparing different quotes from different providers, our system does that hard work for you – . Plus, you are covered by basic insurance and real-time tracking, which are already included in the price. Get a quote for shipping from USA to Africa by contacting us via email or call our business number


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Shipping to Africa from USA has never been easier. See our wide-ranging shipping solutions for your shipments to Africa.


Amka, LLC offers high quality shipping services to Africa. We are designated to make sure your goods gets to its destination on time.

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